Manages in a safe, fast, and agile way, all the information of interest to doctors and patients.
Analysis of medical studies from a mobile device.
Reduces the costs of storage and management of physical files.

About Spatial Health

Spatial Health is a visualization and collaboration tool that helps reduce medical diagnosis and analysis times. It allows a detailed and configurable analysis of Dicom files that generate more accurate diagnoses in less time and share information with doctors regardless of distance or hours.


Spatial Health is an intelligent tool designed to integrate into hospital systems with PACS servers, RIS, etc., maintaining security when managing information and files of doctors and patients.

Our tool facilitates access to medical information by connecting to hospital servers. We allow hospitals and medical laboratories to keep your information on their servers without exposing the storage of sensitive data on external servers.

Optimize your processes

Spatial Health optimizes the analysis times of different studies, improving the response capacity to sensitive diagnoses. In addition, it allows improving the experience between patients and doctors by accelerating care processes and the delivery of studies.

AR technology

Using AR technology, Spatial Health allows you to view Dicom files in 3D models.
This technology allows you to manipulate the 3D model freely, with the possibility of zooming in specific areas rotating in different directions and perspectives, according to the user's needs.

The AR viewer of Spatial Health is fully configurable; it is possible to configure the number of layers that are displayed in addition to having tools that allow expanding the range of visibility of the model utilizing functions:

  • Identify elements by density
  • Make cuts in specific areas
  • Configure animations to share or expose in collaboration with more users.

Create notes

Spatial Health allows you to create notes within the model and share them with more users, in addition to preserving the specific location and position in which you want to comment within the 3D model. It is possible to generate comments within the fixed notes, developing a collaborative file regardless of distance or hours. The message will always take you to the exact location within the model where it was created.

Remote control

Spatial Health allows controlling the model through a control regardless of the location or distance where the user is, allowing the interaction of files and user in a collaborative and agile way.


Through artificial intelligence IHealth App improves care processes in health services, reducing costs and creating more efficient operations.

It has an encryption security system that protects patient information against any threat.

This collaborative tool allows easy access to information between patients and doctors, allowing faster and more accurate diagnoses.

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Remote administration and service

Manage appointments and service schedules quickly and effectively.

Optimize medical care processes regardless of locations and times and generate electronic prescriptions with security validation to guarantee the delivery of medications to patients.

Reminders and treatment follow-up

Collect information on the effectiveness of treatments and guarantee the taking of medications for patients through configurable reminders.

Data collection

Artificial intelligence techniques and algorithms collect information about patients and their illnesses to prevent or detect medical complications promptly.

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